Q: My debit card was declined even though I tried using cards from different banks 

A: As of January 1st 2016, local debit cards are disabled for online transactions without 3D authentication due to a regulatory change. This affects payment processors like PayPal. In order to still use your debit card for ticket purchase, please contact your bank directly to enable payments on PayPal. The hotline to call is found on the reverse of your debit card. 

Q: I received a payment email from PayPal, but I didn't receive an order confirmation email from Peatix 

A: When making a transaction via PayPal, PayPal will send out a standard notification informing their clients that they have authorized a payment to Peatix. This notification is a security feature to prevent fraudulent activity and for their clients to alert PayPal, in the event that they did not authorize such a transaction. It is NOT a confirmation email of successful ticket purchase. A successful transaction is accompanied by a confirmation email by Peatix informing ticket buyers of their purchase. Please check for your Peatix confirmation email. 

Q: Why have I been charged with an extra USD 1 for my purchase? 

A: The 1 USD charge is a temporary authorization by PayPal. PayPal uses the 1 USD to verify the validity of the buyer’s credit or debit card. The temporary authorization will automatically be removed from your transaction history. 

Q: Why is my AMEX card declined? 

A: PayPal is unable to process domestic AMEX transactions in Malaysia, although cross borders AMEX transactions in Malaysia are still accepted.