(Please see How to order tickets for regular ticket purchase) 

* These instructions are for applications using a computer. It is also possible to apply for tickets through the Peatix app. 

1. On the event page, click "Apply for a ticket".   

2. Select the tickets you wish to apply for. 

3. Log into your account. If you don't have an account yet, please click "Register" to create a new account. 

4. Fill out the event questionnaire (the questionnaire is set by the event organizer and will differ per event)

* The application confirmation and selection result email will not be sent to the email address you enter in the questionnaire, but to the registered email address of your Peatix account. 

5. Please review your details, and click "Apply for a ticket". 

* You can only apply once. 

6. When your application is completed, you will also receive a confirmation email on your registered email address.