When you can not go to the event after you have purchased your tickets on Peatix, you can now resell your purchased tickets on Peatix. *Only available for selected events. 

The payment for your sale (minus processing fees) will be transferred to your local bank account (in the country where the event is hosted in) after the event. Payments cannot be transferred to a bank account overseas. 

How to resell your tickets 

1. After you are logged into your account, please click on the "Sell Tickets to Reseller Market" button. 

2. Select the tickets you wish to sell, and set the price for your tickets. 

(Depending on the event, there can be a minimum and/or maximum ticket price you can set as ticket price) 

In case you purchased multiple tickets for the event: 

- If you choose to resell multiple tickets as set, the buyer will purchase all tickets together. 

- If you wish to resell only a part of your order, please click "Split" to split the order and select the ticket(s) you wish to resell. 

3. After you have selected the ticket(s) and set the ticket price, please click "Sell Selected Tickets". The confirmation "Started to sell these tickets." is shown. 

* If you entered a ticket price that exceeds the minimum or maximum ticket price for the event, it is not possible to click "Sell Selected Tickets". 

4. When the ticket gets sold, you will receive a notification email from Peatix. You can then register your bank account details through your account settings. We will process the payout 5 business days after the event has finished. 

You can view the resell history through the "Reseller Payouts" in your account settings. You can print out the payout details from printer button.