You will receive an email notification after your ticket is sold. You will then be able to register your bank account details from your account settings. We will process the payout within 5 business days after the event has finished. The payment for your sale will be transferred to your local bank account (in the country where the event is hosted in) after the event. Payments cannot be transferred to a bank account overseas. 

How to register your payout details 

Please register your payout details using a computer. It is not possible to register the payout details in the Peatix app, or through the browser of your smartphone. 

1. Log into your account, and click on your account name to access the Account Settings. 

From your Account Settings, click Payout Information to access the payout details registration screen. 

2. Please click "Edit" to register your payout details. For security reasons you will be required to login again before you can register or edit your payout details.