After selection result is announced, you will be able to check the result of your selection application in your Peatix account. Please check the selection result through your computer or smartphone browser as the selection application will not be displayed in Peatix app.

1. Please access your dashboard:

2. Log in with the same account that you used to apply your ticket. 

(If you are already logged in, this step will be skipped.)

3. Click the Selection tab on the dashboard.

Selection result will be shown as below:

If you are selected to attend the event:

Please click "Get your tickets" button to order your ticket before the stated cutoff date. For detailed instructions on ordering your tickets, please see: For selected applicants: How to order your tickets.

If you are not selected to attend the event:

If you are placed on the waiting list:

If "selection application complete" is shown instead, the selection result is yet to be announced. Please confirm the selection result announcement date on the event page

Please note: after selection result is announced, you will receive an email notification about your selection result. If you did not receive the email, plese follow the steps above to check your selection result through your account dashboard.