If multiple tickets are applied for the same event page, the tickets will be combined into one and linked to the applicant's account.

When the organizer checks in, all tickets that have been applied for will be checked in at the same time. Partial check-in is not possible.

Note for multiple events

If you apply for multiple tickets for different dates and times, they will be combined into one ticket.

When a ticket is checked in, all tickets for the same date and time will be checked in at the same time. It is not possible to check in a ticket for a specific date and time only partially.

*If all tickets have been checked in and you are not sure how to enter another date and time, please contact the organizer.

note if you are accompanied by a companion

If a ticket applicant will be coming to the event separately from his/her companion on the day of the event, the applicant is advised to transfer the ticket to the companion in advance. The attendee who receives the ticket will be able to attend the event by presenting his/her own ticket to the event reception staff.

*If the ticket applicant transfers the ticket to his/her companion and checks in before the companion has received the ticket, the companion will not be able to receive the ticket. Please be sure to check in after the ticket transfer procedure has been completed.