When you order a ticket for an online event, you will gain access to the Watch Stream page of the event.

The Watch Stream page will have a link from where you can join the online streaming of the event, or include an embedded streaming of the event. There will also be the "additional notes from the organizer" about joining the event (e.g., password that needs to be entered to access the streaming, date and time when the streaming URL will be available, event program).

* If the online event you will be joining is hosted on Peatix Live, please see this help page

How to access the Watch Stream page to join an event

1. Access your ticket dashboard from the following URL:


2. Log in with the same account that you used when you purchased your ticket. You may skip this step if you are already logged in.


  • If the account was created using your email address, log in with your registered email and password.
  • If the account was not created using your email address, access your account by selecting Agree and sign in with Facebook/Twitter/Google/Apple according to the account you used to create your account.

3. On your dashboard, under Tickets, you can see a list of all the events you have bought tickets for. Click "Join event" to access the Watch Stream page.

4. To view the streaming, click the "Join event" button on the Watch Stream page. You will be directed to an external site where the online event is hosted. Depending on the event, you will need to enter a password to access the streaming. Please refer to the "additional notes from the organizer" for the password to the event. 

For some events, there will be an embedded stream on the Watch Stream page. In this case, you will be able to view the online event directly on the Watch Stream page (i.e., the "Join event" button will not be displayed).

* If the organizer has not yet registered the streaming URL, the message "The organizer has not added a streaming URL" will be shown. In that case, please check the "additional notes from the organizer" again when the event date approaches. If there are no updates from the organizer, reach out to the organizer by clicking the "Contact organizer" button at the bottom of the page.

Troubleshooting when accessing the Watch Stream page

When accessing the Watch Stream page, you will need to log in with the account you used to order your ticket.

If you are logged in but cannot access the Watch Stream page, it is likely that you are logged into a wrong account. Please log out (https://peatix.com/signout), and log in again with the account you used when you ordered your ticket.

If you forgot which account you used to purchase your ticket, please check this help page.

If you experience troubles logging into your account, please check this help page and reset the password if needed.

* You will also be able to access the Watch Stream page through the link in the order confirmation email that will be sent after you have ordered your ticket, or the event reminder email that will be sent approximately 24 hours before event starting time.


We recommend using Google Chrome when using the Watch Stream page. 

Download Google Chrome 


If you have questions about the streaming of the online event, please check the "additional notes from the organizer" on the Watch Stream page. If you still have questions, please contact the event organizer directly.