First of all, please check that you are logged into the account you used when you purchased your Peatix Live event ticket. If you have forgotten which account you used or you are logged in but your purchased ticket is not shown, please check the order confirmation email that was sent to you after ordering your ticket. The account you used to purchase your Peatix Live event ticket will be shown in the email, so please log in to that account.

If you are logged into the correct Peatix account but are unable to view the livestream even after the Peatix Live event start time, please try the following:

  • Click the Play button (a triangle icon ▶) if it is displayed in the Peatix Live player on the Watch Stream page
  • Refresh/reload your browser page
  • Check that you have the recommended specifications 
  • Clear your browser’s cache
  • Open the Watch Stream page on a different browser
  • Access the Watch Stream page on a different device 

* You will be allowed only one view at one time per Peatix Live event ticket. Please close the Watch Stream page before attempting to open it on a different browser or device.

If the stream won't start playing even after trying all of the above, contact the organizer to clarify if the livestream has started. You may also reach out to the organizer by clicking the "Contact organizer" button found below the "Event instructions from the organizer". Some organizers choose to write their contact information on the event page, so we recommend that you check that page as well.

If you are having audio or video issues after the stream starts playing, check this help page: I am having audio/video issues while viewing a Peatix Live event. What should I do?