"Live chat" is a feature on Peatix Live that enables organizers and attendees to interact during a Peatix Live event without leaving the Watch Stream page. The messages you sent will be visible to the event organizer as well as other attendees. You will also be able to see and respond to messages sent by the organizer and other attendees.

The live chat screen will be embedded on the right side of the Watch Stream page if the organizer has enabled the chat function for the event. 

We suggest that you update to the latest version of your browser and operating system before joining a live chat. Please check the recommended specifications for viewing Peatix Live events.

How to join a live chat

The live chat feature is only available on the desktop browser. You may participate in a live chat by clicking on the “Join live chat” button displayed toward the lower right corner of the Watch Stream page (for details on how to access the Watch Stream page, please check this help page: How to join a Peatix Live event (PC)).

Live chat will be available from 30 minutes before the event's start time up to 1 hour after the event's end time.

During the livestream, you can select whether to show or hide the live chat screen by clicking on "Show" or "Hide" in the upper right corner of the chatbox.

How to send messages

1. Click on "Type a message…" and enter a message.

2. Click on the Send icon at the lower right corner of the live chat screen.

* Please note that a maximum of 250 characters can be sent per message.

* You may not post URLs.

* Your profile picture and nickname will be displayed next to your message.

* Messages will be displayed in chronological order, with the newest message shown at the bottom of the live chat screen. When not at the bottom of the chatbox, a "New message" indicator will be shown. Clicking on this indicator will display the latest message.

How to send emojis

In addition to the regular text, you may also send emojis on live chat. 

1. To send emojis, please click on the emoji icon found at the lower right corner of the chatbox. 

2. The emoji picker screen opens, so select the desired emoji and click on it to type it into the "Type a message" field.

3. If you are finished entering emojis and would like to close the emoji picker screen, click on the keyboard icon.

How to delete your own messages

1. Move your cursor over to the message you would like to delete. A vertical ellipsis icon appears. Click on this icon. 

2. Click "Delete message".

3. The "Delete this message?" screen will appear. Click on "Delete".

4. Once your message is successfully deleted, it will be shown as "Message deleted".

What to do if you are logged out of a live chat

After 15 minutes of not scrolling through the live chat screen, you will automatically get disconnected from live chat. To reconnect to live chat, click on the "Rejoin live chat" button.