If viewing instructions are not listed on the Watch Stream page, they may be provided below.

Event page

Viewing instructions may be found on the "Event Page" where you applied for tickets to the event.

Check from the ticket screen

1. Access the ticket page. 

2. Sign in using the account you used when you applied (if you are already signed in, go to 3).

  • If you applied with your email address:

Sign in with your registered email address and password.

  • If you are applying with an external service account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple):

Click on the button for one of these accounts and sign in. 

3.Click on the event name of the relevant event. The event page will open.

Check from the order confirmation email

Click on the URL in the "Order Details" column of the application details email that Peatix will send you after you have applied for tickets (about 5 minutes after your payment if you paid at a convenience store or ATM). The event page will open.

*The event page can also be accessed from the event URL link in the event reminder email sent 24 hours before the event start date and time.


The organizer may have contacted you via the message function on Peatix with viewing instructions.

Please refer to "How can I access / respond to the messages sent from the event organizer?".


If you entered your email address in the "Survey" section when you registered for the event, there is a possibility that the organizer will send you an email directly. Please check your inbox for the email address you entered.