If the event is cancelled, and the event organizer cancels the event using our cancellation method, the full price of your tickets will be refunded. 

* We do not take any responsibility in case an event is cancelled

* If the event cancellation policy is posted on the event page or the official website, this event cancellation policy will be followed.

About the refund 

The refund will be handled by the debit/credit card company that was used for the purchase of the tickets. 

If the refund date lies before the cutoff date of your credit card, the refund will be settled in this months credit card bill. 

If the refund date lies after the cutoff date of you credit card, the refund will be settled in next month credit card. 

For customers in Japan: customers who used convenience store or ATM payment to purchase their tickets will receive an email regarding the details of the refund. Please follow the instructions as written in the email.