If tickets do not appear and the event viewing page cannot be checked

If you are unable to view the event page after signing in, the account you used to sign in may be different from the account you used to apply for the event.

Please sign out, check the account you used when you apply, and sign in again. 

Please also refer to the following help pages if necessary.

How to access your account when you forgot your login details

Troubleshooting Sign in issues 

*You can also access the event viewing page from the "Go to watch stream page" link in the order confirmation email sent after you order tickets (in the case of payment at a convenience store/ATM, about 5 minutes after payment) and in the event reminder email sent 24 hours before the event start date and time. 

*For Peatix Live viewing instructions, please refer to How to join a Peatix Live event (PC).

If tickets appear but the event viewing page cannot be checked

After signing in, if you can view the ticket but cannot find the "Join event" button and cannot view the event viewing page, please check your inbox, as the organizer may have sent you the stream URL and other information by message or email.

If you are still unsure after checking, please contact the organizer directly.