1. Download and install the Peatix app from the link below. 

Download from the App Store (Free)

2. After opening the app, access the "Tickets" page. The login screen will be shown. Please log in with the account you used to purchase your tickets. 

3. The events for which you purchased tickets will be shown. Click "View Ticket" for the event you would like to see the ticket for.

4. Your ticket will appear on your screen. Please show this screen to the reception at the day of the event.  

※ The "Tap Check-In" button may also be used by the reception staff at the event to validate tickets and check in attendees. On the day of the event, please show your ticket to the event staff, and do not tap the button by yourself. Once the ticket is validated, it cannot be used again. If you accidentally tap checked in your own ticket, please contact the organizer immediately for direct assistance.

※ If you purchased multiple tickets from the same account, those tickets will be displayed in one ticket. If you and your friends will go to the event separately, please transfer the ticket to your friend(s) beforehand. 

※ If you are logged in but your tickets are not shown, please check why and how to solve the issue on this help page.

※ If "Either your username or password is incorrect. Please try again." is shown when you try to log in, please check why and how to solve the issue on this help page.