As a follower of a group, you will receive notifications about the group's new events as well as messages from the group organizers. Your account nickname will also be displayed in the group's followers list.

How to follow a group

There are three ways in which you can follow a group:

  • When ordering tickets to an event, check the box for "Let me know about new events from [Group name]" in the "Review your info" page.
    * The box is checked by default.

  • Click "Follow" on the event page.
  • Click "Follow" near the top of the group page.

How to unfollow a group

If you no longer want to be a follower of a group, please follow the steps below to unfollow the group:

1. Log into your account, and click on your account name to access "My Groups / Events".

2. Click "Following" under "Groups", and you will see a list of groups that you are currently following. Click on the group you wish to unfollow.

3. Near the top of the group page, you will see a button that says "Following". Placing a cursor over this button will change it to "Unfollow". Click the button. You will see the following message: "You are no longer following this group."