You can transfer a ticket that you have purchased on Peatix. For example, if you purchased a ticket but will be unable to attend the event, you can use this transfer feature to transfer your ticket to a friend.

* Please note that per request of the event organizer, for some events it won't be possible to transfer a ticket. 

When you order multiple tickets for the same event from the same account, all tickets will be included in 1 online e-ticket. If you and your friends will arrive at the event separately, please transfer the ticket to your friend(s) in advance.

How to transfer a ticket 

1. Please access your ticket dashboard:

Login with the same account that you used when purchasing your ticket.

Click "Details/Transfer" to transfer a ticket. 

2. Click the "Transfer" button. If you purchased multiple tickets, you can transfer tickets 1 by 1, starting from the highest ticket number. 


3. A transfer-URL is generated for the ticket. Please send this URL to your friend using email, Facebook, Twitter, and tell your friend to click the URL to claim the ticket. Please refer your friend to the following help page Receiving a ticket

Each transfer-URL will transfer 1 ticket. If you want to transfer more tickets, please generate a separate URL for each ticket transfer, and send each unique transfer URL to a friend. 

How to cancel a transfer 

Only if your friend has not yet claimed the ticket, you can cancel the transfer. 

1. Please access your ticket dashboard: Click "Details/Transfer" to cancel a transfer. 

2. If your friend has not yet claimed the ticket, the ticket will have a "INVITED" status. Click "Cancel" to cancel the transfer. After you canceled the transfer, the ticket will be returned to your account. You can then also create a new transfer. 


It is not allowed to resale a ticket you have purchased, or to transfer the ticket to third parties in order to resale the ticket. If the resale of a ticket is found, the ticket will become invalid. You will not be able to enter the event with a resold ticket, and no refund will be given. Furthermore, we will cancel your account. We are not responsible for tickets that are purchased from another site than our own.