Tickets applied for through Peatix will appear on the app or browser. Paper tickets will not be issued.

*Please note that when checking tickets, you must sign in with the same account you used when you applied.

*You will receive a confirmation email after applying for a ticket, but this is not a ticket. Please be sure to access the ticket screen in one of the following ways.

*Tickets applied for on a computer can also be displayed on the app or browser.

For Physical events

Viewing Tickets on the Peatix app

For detailed instructions on how to access your tickets, please see: 

How can I access my tickets in the iPhone Peatix app?

How can I access my tickets in the Android Peatix app?

View tickets in browser

If you cannot download the app on your smartphone, please refer to How can I access my web ticket?, and check your tickets on your Peatix web browser.

*You can also bring tickets printed on paper from your computer.

For Online events

If you have applied for a ticket for an online event, you can find instructions on how to participate on the Watch Stream page.

For more information, please refer to How to join an online event.

If you cannot confirm your ticket

If you are unable to confirm your ticket, please refer to Troubleshooting when accessing your tickets, and check the cause and solution.