Please refer to the following troubleshooting steps if you are unable to access your ticket.

*If you paid via convenience store/ATM, your ticket will be displayed about 5 minutes after payment.

*If you paid with a credit card, it may occasionally take up to an hour for the payment to complete. You will receive an email once the payment is finalized, and your ticket will be displayed.

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Unable to sign into your account


Please refer to Troubleshooting for signing in to your account

"You are currently logged into the wrong Peatix account" is displayed

"LOCKED CONTENT" is displayed

"You have no tickets" is displayed


You might be signed into a different account than the one used to order the ticket.


Please sign out from the current account and sign back in with the account used at the time of order.

If you have forgotten the account used, please check the ticket application detail email. Your email address or account name will be displayed in the middle of the email body.

Related page: Troubleshooting for forgetting your account


"Unpaid ticket(s)" is displayed


This message may appear even after payment if you have ordered multiple tickets for the same event and there are still unpaid tickets.


Please refer to What should I do if a ticket shows "Unpaid ticket(s)" after payment?

QR code is not displayed


This is by design when an event is held both at a venue and online, and the organizer has set up an online event page, resulting in the QR code not being displayed on the web browser's ticket page.


For details on how to present your ticket and other check-in procedures on the day of the event, please check the event page of the specific event.

If there is no information on the event page, please contact the event organizer directly.